Guidelines for users

Users of the portal are assigned different roles:  Student, Student Administration, Supervisors


  1. Log in.  Note: please attend to the checklist on the first page. 
  2. Supply information about yourself and your thesis (title, abstract, keywords)
  3. Browse to your file location and upload
  4. Submission complete
Click here to watch Student tutorial video


  1. Graduation Administrator logs in and picks up new submissions
  2. Assigns these to Faculty Administrators within Student Admin
  3. Faculty Administrators are alerted to new submission and route it to the appropriate supervisor
  4. After the file is approved by Supervisor it is routed back to Student Admin for final administrative checks and clearance for graduation


  1. Is alerted by email to a submission needing review
  2. Logs in and is taken to “My Tasks”
  3. Indicates acceptance of the Review task
  4. Files waiting for Review appear as links
  5. Supervisor checks the file to ascertain that the file represents the final version containing all corrections.
  6. Supervisor selects “Approve submission” or “Reject submission”.  If a submission is rejected, the Supervisor has the opportunity to make comments in a text box or upload a file.  In such cases, the rejected submission is returned to Faculty Postgraduate Administration who will contact the student.
  7. Supervisor also indicates whether the thesis is for open dissemination in the ETD or whether an embargo should be applied.

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